Saturday, January 01, 2005

Great Magic Video/eBook Set

I just got a really wonderful magic video/eBook set. It is called Anywhere – Anytime Close-up Magic by Dan Turcotte. You get it at YourDoMagic.

The set consists of two DVDs and a CD-ROM. You will get:

* 64 Videos / 29 Routines / 3 Hours
* 27 Companion PDF eBooks 260 Pages

You get to watch Dan perform for real people in a restaurant setting. You even get to see Dan recover when a trick goes south. Dan has a good eye for strong effects. These are classic magic effects that have stood the test of time.

I like the set because the material is presented in both video and eBook form. Dan has taken the advantages of both medium and presented the material so anyone interested in magic can learn it. This is a well produced set of DVDs and eBooks. Dan clearly took the time to do it right.

Dan is very careful to credit where he got his material. It is clear after watching the videos and reading the eBooks that Dan is a true student of magic.

Get this set. You will be glad you did.

You will need to practice most of the magic taught. You will not learn to be a restaurant magician twenty minutes after viewing the videos. Take the time and learn to do some great magic tricks. I recommend this magic video set to anyone interested in magic. Even old pros will learn something.

Magically yours,

J.L. Siefers
Learn Great Magic Tricks