Saturday, January 15, 2005

Magic Show Set-up

I was reminded again this week about the importance of planning when setting up a magic show. I decided at the last minute to add an effect to the middle of the show. It looked set up and time was short so I just didn’t check closely. When it was time to do the effect it I realized it was not fully setup. I just skipped the effect and did the show as originally planned. It was fun and I didn’t miss a beat.

I am usually very careful about planning and setting up my show. I learned from my father, a pilot, that you should never get so comfortable with what you are doing that you don’t run through your checklist.

My checklist begins with pulling effects and supplies to a final double check right before show time. I am finishing a detailed article on the process I use when setting up my magic show. If you want to read it, sign up for my newsletter. The article will be in the next issue.

J.L. Siefers