Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Secret Webpage

Great News!

I just got permission to release information on a completely overlooked market for magic shows. The author of the article has many years of experience in both magic and this field.

When I read his article on creating a magic show for this field, my mouth hit the floor. It was so obvious after reading this article. This hidden field has been overlooked by professional magicians.

In this field there are people just begging to hire a magician and have the money to pay him well.

I have put up the article on my site. It will stay hidden. I will give my readers the secret URL in the February issue of The Magic Way the newsletter of Learn-Great-Magic-Tricks. If you have not signed up yet then do it right now. It's FREE:

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The next issue will go out around February 15th. Don't miss this issue.

Magically yours,

J.L. Siefers