Sunday, March 06, 2005

Doh! . . .

I have often wondered if the love of magic is the result of a genetic defect. I was reminded of this again when read a news article about a magician in Pakistan.

The magician arrived in Pakistan ready to spread the good news about Christianity in the overwhelmingly Muslim nation. Digging through his bag of tricks for the perfect gospel effect, the magician could not find that one trick to win over "the natives."

The clever magician finally came up with the perfect gospel magic trick. He stood proudly before a crowd of devout Muslims. Out of his bag of magic tricks came the Quran. He tore it up before the outraged crowd. With a wave of his wand and Hocus Pocus . . . the magic happened. The Quran was restored. The intrepid magician walked out into the crowd for his well deserved applause.

He was promptly arrested. The charge is blasphemy through the destruction of the Quran. He is sentenced to seven years of rigorous imprisonment. Do you think he will learn his lesson?

Read the story.

Magically Yours,

J.L. Siefers